Women’s Group

This service is running every Monday from 10am to 2pm at the SNGM hall with various activities for Women of all age groups. It is developed to aid the needs of the community within the Borough of Newham and the neighbouring boroughs. The programmes include regular exercise, keep fit, Tai Chi, head massage, Health seminars, Health MOT checkups, Lessons for healthy lifestyles and a vegetarian lunch. We organise regular outings to tourist attractions of the UK. Women over 50 respond well to the service with a minimum attendance of at least 35 each session.

We are also a partner of Newham Council in running the “Warm Centre” and “Step into Summer” programmes – consisting mostly outings, picnics, tea and dance parties, bingo, carom and health advice. The Program of the Women’s Forum health activity was closely monitored by the PCT and
Newham Health Authority which lead us to win the prestigious Communities of Health Award in 2010.