Sports and Leisure

Provision of Sports and Leisure Services

Organise Day Trips
Organise holidays within UK, Europe and Worldwide
Trips to places of worship from different religions
Badminton Club
Sports Competitions

Arts & Cultural Services

Promotion and development of Arts and Cultures

Established Arts Group ‘Guru Prabha’
Production of Plays
Hold Arts Events
Youth Forum

Social Services

Provision of appropriate Social Services covering Children, Elderly and Women

Guru Dharma Propagation

Propagation of Sree Narayana Guru Dharma( teachings and philosophies) throughout UK and the rest of the world.

  • Prayer Services
  • Newsletters
  • Library Services
  • Celebration Guru Jayanthi
  • Guru Samadhi remembrance
  • Celebration of Chattambi Swami Jayanthi
  • Celebration of Sri Krishana Jayanthi
  • Celebration of Vijayadesami, Vidyarambham, Vishu, Sivaratri, New Years’s day